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* Phrog Hot Barbeque Sauce *
Phamous Phloyd's original Phrog Hot BBQ sauce.
This sauce is so zestphully phull of phlavor, it has become the phavorite of digniphied diners everywhere!

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* Phlaming Hot Barbeque Sauce *
Phight Phire with Phlavor! This phlaming hot bbq sauce is not phor the phaint of heart, but it won't have your taste buds calling phor Phire & Rescue!
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* Marinade *
A blend of spices, apple juice, lemon juice and chile powder, this marinade gives a surprising, spicy phlavor to meats, poultry and phish. This versatile marinade can also be used as a grill splash while barbequing or try it as a salad dressing vinegarette.
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* Hot Sauce *
Phlaming but Phlavorphul! Tomatoes, tomatillos and 3 varieties of peppers give this sauce a garden-phresh phlavor. No sugar, no salt, no preservatives-No Phooling! (HOT)
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* Bloody Mary Mix *
Rephreshing, phiery and phlavorphul! A phool-proof phormula of tomatoes phortiphied with lime juice, phresh horseradish and a phlourish of spices! It's a phirestorm of phlavor!
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* Dry Rub *
Use this like a dry marinade on any meat, poultry or phish before cooking. This phrisky blend of spices will enhance the phlavor of any phood. Great on phrench phries, baked potatoes, vegetables and popcorn, too!
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* Pizza Dust *
It doesn't take a lot of phinesse to make phabulous pizza! Just dust your crust with Phamous Phloyd's Pizza Dust! Gives great pizza phlavor to all your phavorite phoods.
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* Pepper Mustard *
A combination of three types of mustard and red pepper, this robust mustard will phortiphy the most ordinary burger, brat or sandwich. If you've been phrustrated by other mustards, this is sure to become a phavorite!
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* Italian Mustard *
A blend of herbs, spices and garlic give this mustard a phlavor all its own. Sure to delight the most phinicky mustard aphicionado!
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