Tag Silencers For Your Pet

"Often, all that is neededto create the perfect mood is a little uninterrupted silence."      - Dr. Ruth Weimaraner

Tag Silencers

Recommended by dog psychologists across the country!

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Pets should be seen...

...but their tags should not be heard when you're trying to sleep, read, or concentrate. TAG-A-ROUNDS were created to eliminate the annoying noise created by pet tags (rabies tag, city license, ID tag, etc.) clanging together. TAG-A-ROUNDS also keep pet tags readable by eliminating the wear caused by tags rubbing against each other.

"The American public is tired of all this ceaseless clamor. They expect an atmosphere where quiet, constructive dialog can take place. It's the will of the people."    - Spaniel Patrick Moynihound

TAG-A-ROUNDS are ultraviolet (UV) resistant, patent pending and fit most shapes and sizes of metal pet tags.

"TAG-A-ROUNDS sure have put the fun back into chasing cats and squirrels."          - Lawrence Beagleburger
Groomers use TAG-A-ROUNDS to avoid the tarnish marks on light-colored pet fur. Trainers use them to encourage full concentration of the trainee.

Just because your dog wakes up at two o'clock in the morning to scratch fleas doesn't mean that you should have to wake up, too. And dogs like TAG-A-ROUNDS because they can now escape all of the noise that has been following them around.

Each Package Is Only $1.50 and Contains 2 Silencers.

It's easy to install the silencers:
  1. Remove tag from existing hook and collar.
  2. Make sure tag is clean and dry.
  3. Stretch silencer around tag. Make sure silencer is centered on tag.
  4. Put tag sith silencer back on hook on collar.
  5. Repeat the above steps for additional tags.

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